The ARKI_PRAY initiative offers a detailed and innovative approach to fulfilling spiritual necessities across communities with its modular mosques. These structures, ranging from 10ft to 40ft, are designed for seamless integration into any landscape, ensuring a peaceful and insulated prayer space. Prioritizing portability and adaptability, ARKI_PRAY units come equipped with foldable minarets and essential amenities, embodying a blend of traditional reverence and modern functionality to accommodate the sacred practice of worship in a rapidly evolving world.


What is ARKI_PRAY?

ARKI_PRAY is a modular solution providing portable, customizable mosques designed for diverse environments.

How are ARKI_PRAY units different from traditional mosques?

They offer portability, quick deployment, and customization in size and features, unlike fixed traditional mosques.

What sizes are available in ARKI_PRAY mosques?

They range from standard 20ft units to larger 40ft options, catering to different community sizes.

Are ARKI_PRAY mosques suitable for harsh climates?

Yes, they are highly insulated to provide a comfortable prayer environment in various climates.

Can ARKI_PRAY units be easily relocated?

Absolutely, their modular design allows for easy dismantling and relocation as needed.

What is the average delivery time for products?

Delivery times vary based on product and customization, but we strive for efficient and timely delivery.

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