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The client has the option to choose the suitable spaces they desire in the (mosque design) based on specific choices designed by a group of expert engineers


The concept of modular design revolves around the principle of using pre-designed units that conform to standard specifications, which are characterized by high flexibility. This allows for their use in multiple and varied assemblies to create new and unique designs each time, in a manner that closely resembles playing with Lego blocks.

Better Process, Better Projects

Traditional development and construction phases fail to effectively meet customer needs. Our innovations in off-site manufacturing have proven their efficacy, and when combined with the best practices in on-site construction, we offer the optimal solution for construction project challenges. This approach is replicable and scalable, resulting in buildings of higher quality at a lower cost and with significantly reduced risk.

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Modular Construction Is The Future

Saudi Modular Construction

Saudi Vision 2030 generated opportunities on grand scale and construction industry is the one who benefited the most.
ARKA modular solutions is participating in the development of nation by delivering 100s of projects using its dedicated solutions focused on sustainability and modularity.

Question & Answers.

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What is modular construction?

Modern construction method to manufacture the architectural project off-site and install it on site to save construction time and overall cost of project

How does ARKI_TAINER utilize shipping containers in construction?

ARKA has devices a dedicated engineering solution for architectural projects called ARKI_TAINER focused on shipping container theme which helps user to achieve almost any style, configuration and design expectations using the standard sizes of 10, 20 and 40 ft containers.

Are modular buildings as durable as traditional buildings?

Modular buildings are designed and manufactured using modern manufacturing techniques which helps to achieve higher quality in less time. Modules are finished 90% off-site in manufacturing facility and shipped to site for installation which saves time and cost while avoiding the risks of delays and hazards on site. Steel Skeleton is more safe and stronger than concrete and provide resilience against seismic and dynamic forces on building.

Can I customize my modular building?

Modular buildings are like LEGO bricks and customer can modify and plan as per his desire and requirements.

What are the environmental benefits of modular construction?

ARKA use sustainability principles focused on Cyclic economy to enhance the material utilization. Major portion of materials we use are recyclable leaving less waste to make environment more green. Our buildings have low carbon footprint as well.

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