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Increasing tourism and business opportunities in Saudi Arabia putting construction industry in pressure. Its time for us to industrialize our construction industry to meet rising demands.  It will increase opportunities for Saudi Youth in engineering and management sectors.
We have been innovating architectural industry for past five years. Flexibility, Modularity and Short Delivery Time are what we are known for.

We provide Design & Engineering solutions to our client following the ISO Container Based themes and Modular Structures for high-rise buildings.

Ready to use products in various categories are also a part of our arsenal which are pre-designed and fabricated for you to acquire in very short time.


Rapid Construction of projects and reduce the delivery time by 50% while maintaining the Quality and Durability


Lead industry by providing Flexible and Modular fabrication of Pre-Designed living space to reduce project cost and time


We mainly focus on sustainability and reliability, and our main efforts come through circular economy, research and development, DFMA, JIT and the 6S.

we also rely these main points on reducing waste, using recycling materials, having an intelligent design, search alternatives, synergy in resources, reallocating the output, having the smart supply chain, partnerships, scalable outsourcing, production floor maintenance and finally, training and rewards.

“Modular Construction is the future.”

Aseel Alshaibani, Venture Architect

Modular Construction is the future

Since 2018

We made humble beginnings in 2018 and we are progressing to our goal of 2030 which perfectly aligns to what modern Saudi Arabia will look like.



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ARKI-TAINER is focused on the projects and products based on ISO shipping container theme. Various sizes of ISO containers from 10ft to 40ft are used to form the concept like a LEGO block.
framework for multi storybuilding
was developed to provide rapid solution to the growing demand of multiple story buildings in construction industry. It ISBU with corner castings for connection of modules together and transfer load to the ground. We used twist locks and bridge fittings to join each intermodal together and act like a firm and rigid structure. It is capable of development of buildings up to of 3 stories.
Space on wheels
ARKI-ROAD provides solution to space requirement needs mobility. We pioneer in Trailers, Transformation of Vehicles into living spaces, RV Homes, Caravans and utility vehicles likes medical camp vehicles, mobile shops and mobile kiosk.