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Modular Construction Is The Future

Saudi Modular Construction

Saudi Vision 2030 generated opportunities on grand scale and construction industry is the one who benefited the most.
ARKA modular solutions is participating in the development of nation by delivering 100s of projects using its dedicated solutions focused on sustainability and modularity.


Rapid Construction of projects and reduce the delivery time by 50% while maintaining the Quality and Durability.


Lead industry by providing Flexible and Modular fabrication of Pre-Designed space to reduce project cost and time.

Increasing tourism and business opportunities in Saudi Arabia putting the construction industry in pressure. It’s time for us to industrialize our modular solutions to meet rising demands.  It will increase opportunities for Saudi Youth in engineering and management sectors.
We have been innovating the architectural industry for the past five years. Flexibility, Modularity and Short Delivery Time.

We provide Design & Engineering solutions to our client following the ISO Container Based themes and Modular Structures for high-rise buildings.

Ready to use products in various categories are also a part of our arsenal which are pre-designed and fabricated for you to acquire in a very short time.


ARKA started humble beginning in 2017 with focus on solving the problem of quick, inexpensive and scalable living space. Tireless efforts lead ARKA to gradual expansion year by year. Now, we cover broad market sectors from temporary living solutions to medical facilities.

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