divided into modular units or delivered as a whole project

Higher quality achievement in complex and large projects

Large productivity gains with lower waste

Higher safety in production and on-site assembly

Tangible project schedule and shorter delivery times

90% development is Off-site

95% fit-out work is Off-Site

Highly Flexible and relocatable to other locations

divided into different section walls and delivered to site for assembly

Reduction in quality due to large tolerances

Lower productivity due to time waste on-site

Safety levels in production are OK but Moderate Safety On-Site

Project deadlines are flexible and prone to delay

50% development is Off-site

10% fit-out work is Off-Site

Lower Flexibility and not easy to relocate to other locations

Project is developed stage by stage on site

Quality of project difficult to be controllable

Poor productivity due to uncertainty in each stage

Higher risk for workers as all of the tasks are done On-Site

Deadlines for project are revised often and delays are expected

0% construction is Off-site

0% fit-out work is Off-Site

Rigid Structure and not relocatable to other locations